Hamster Resources

Below are some of our favorite resources to learn from. We would like to point out that no person, website, or account is exempt from being fallible. As new research comes to light, we need to adjust how we manage our care. Not one of these sites are perfect, but many of them provide an opportunity for us to learn and grow. Never get all your information from one single area.

Wonderful Photos and great care! Check out their highlights!
California Hamster AssociationEnglish
Great association with a lot of detailed information.
Chubby Cheeks - Species Appropriate Hamster Care EbookEnglish, German
Species appropriate hamster care ebook following German Care principles
A great site in Denmark that promotes excellent care.
Das HamsterforumGerman
A great forum that promotes excellent care.
A website with excellent reads on hamster care.
Dogs HamstersEnglish
Amazing enclosure setups!
Erin's AnimalsEnglish
Another great youtuber with amazing care and amazing enclosures.
Erin's ArkEnglish
An amazing small pet youtuber.
One of my favorite sites and Instagram accounts to read. Wonderful, well researched content, and a great hamster owner!
Ginger's Guide: How to Care for Syrian HamstersEnglish
Really good guide for Syrian hamster care!
Hamster BackenGerman
A great website that promotes excellent care.
Hamster Cage InspirationEnglish
Instagram account that reposts amazing enclosure designs
Hamster CentralEnglish
Another great hamster forum that promotes good care.
Hamster GeneticsEnglish
A great site that helps people learn about hamster genetics
Hamster HideoutEnglish
Probably one of my favorite hamster forums. Check out posts by @Taxonomist!
Hamster HilfeGerman
A website committed to the well-being of hamsters in Austria
Hamster Scaping English, Dutch
Amazing inspiration for hamster enclosures
Hamster Society SingaporeEnglish
An organization based in Singapore that promotes excellent care.
Hamster WelfareEnglish
Hamster Welfare PHEnglish, Filipino
Welfare Organization dedicated to improving hamster care in the Philippines
German site that provides information on species appropriate care
Hamsters South AfricaEnglish
Great website with a lot of information on many topics.
Amazing youtuber who makes beautiful enclosure setups.
Munchie's PlaceEnglish
Wonderful youtuber who also rescues Hamsters!
Munchkin HoursEnglish, Spanish
Great information in both English and Spanish!
Ontario HamstersEnglish
An amazing hamster club with well researched content
PlueschraupeEnglish, German
Amazing account with great DIYs
Proper Hamster CareEnglish
Great Facebook Group that advocates for Proper Hamster Care!
Proper Hamster Care UKEnglish
Account advocating for proper hamster care in the UK
The Graceful HamsterEnglish
Great care instagram and an informative channel!
The HamsterbaseEnglish
Great account with helpful information
The Rodent NurseEnglish
Great information on hamsters and rodents
Titan RoborovskiEnglish
Great inforgraphics and content! Check out their care highlights.
Victoria RaechelEnglish
A must watch in the hamster community. Wonderful videos and beautiful care.