Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I see my favorite food mix/enclosure/organization/etc.?

There are so many hamster-related items and it’s really hard to source and track them all. We’re always open to contributions. Please send a credible link to our email.

Why wasn’t this website/Instagram/Group recommended as a resource?

It’s most likely we just haven’t heard of that website or page, or haven’t had the time to properly go through their content to confidently view them as a resource. If you have a page you’d like to recommend please email us and we’d be more than happy to share and support them!

We also may exclude certain resources for certain reasons. For educational websites or accounts, we will only be sharing ones that list the sources of their information. Because it is the internet and it’s very easy to just makeup “facts” or even commit plagiarism, we’ve decided to prioritize platforms that have proper citations (and not just “ctto”).

Are you planning to add more animals to your care guides and resources?

We plan on upgrading our website with care guides and resources for mice and rabbits in the future. However, this will take more time as we need to do thorough research and development.

What determines which animal species you plan on adding?

We will not be adding animals we have no personal experience with. The reason we plan on adding mice is because we have had mice in the past (and may have mice again in the future), and rabbits because we plan on getting rabbits.

How long does it take you to update or add more things to the site?

This is a one-woman show and I do have a full-time job so I work on this in my free time. It’s hard to estimate how big a feature or an update is without knowing the full scope of the project. For information updates, we try to get on it as soon as we can unless life gets in the way!

What did you use to build the site?

We used Clojure, CLJS, Rum, and Citrus as our tech stack.

You have outdated/wrong information on the site! Please fix it!

Sorry about that! We always try to have updated information on the site, but occasionally miss a few things. Please send a screenshot, a link to the page that needs correcting, and a link or evidence of the new information to this email.

Are you associated with any groups?

I was a founding member of the Proper Hamster Care group and the Hamster Welfare Philippines group. However, due to changes in circumstance, I am no longer active on Facebook and act as a consultant to the new teams in charge.

How many pets do you have?

Since we just moved, we currently do not have any pets.

Do you plan on having more hamsters?

We currently do not plan on having any hamsters in the near future as hamsters are illegal where we live. However, we still very much love and respect them!

My hamster is sick, what do I do?

We are not a veterinarian and should not be used as a substitute for one. Please see your nearest exotic vet as soon as possible.

Where can I request a new feature?

You can email us and we’ll see how viable it is to do!

You haven’t replied to my email! Please reply!

Sorry, this site is run by virtually one person. Though we will try to get to them all, please don’t get offended if I don’t respond within a certain timeframe. I get very busy. If matters are urgent, you may send me a DM on Instagram where I am more likely to check daily.

I want to use you guys as a source for something that I am writing, how do I do that?

We appreciate proper citations, but a link back will do! We have had some issues with certain people taking the hard work we did and never giving us credit until it was asked, so we really appreciate people who give us proper attribution.

Something that was once highly rated is now poorly rated. What happened?

We reserve the right to change our content when new information comes to light. As things that were once safe in the past have now been found unsafe and vice versa, we want to be as updated with information as possible.

Things may change at any time, and though we ideally want to contain all the facts, there is still plenty of room for error. We do not recommend that this website (or any website/ youtuber/ instagrammer /public figure) be your singular source of truth.

There will always be new discoveries and things will always change. We encourage you to always do as much research as possible.

Do you have a facebook group / discord group / other community?

While I do have a facebook page, discord account, and accounts on other social media platforms, I do not personally have my own group nor do I still manage any groups. I have been a founding member of several groups in the past, and have also moderated groups and pages in the past, but I am no longer an active participant or a staff member of those groups.